Brand Copywriting FAQs: Our Easy Answers

Rachael Bews

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The talented people who master the science and art of copywriting can report facts, tell a story and drive conversion.

Copywriters sit somewhere between journalists, novelists and marketers. They really should wear a cape and fly. Set your literary genius free with our brand copywriting FAQs.

What Is Copywriting?

Brand copywriting is an art of communication. It tells a message in an engaging, concise and simple way through creative use of written word. Not only should good copy be grammatically accurate, but it should also flow well, speak directly to the target reader and encourage them to keep reading.

Top Tip: To ensure your copy has good native flow, try reading it out loud and listening to it back. If you stumble in any places, you know where to improve.


What Is A Copywriter?

A copywriter is the person who produces copy for a brand or business. Whether in-house, freelance or in agency, a good copywriter should have excellent natural language ability, as well as creative flair. They should demonstrate a deep understanding of the brand they are writing for, its target audience and the message they are trying to communicate.

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What Is A Brand’s Tone Of Voice?

The best way to ensure that a copywriter is always ‘on-brand’ is to create a brand style guide. Not only does a brand style guide include technical preferences such as colour palette and typography, it should also feature the brand’s tone of voice. A brand’s tone of voice includes how the brand should sound, its key messages and a glossary of specific terms you do and don’t use.

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What Is Luxury Brand Copywriting?

The tone of voice for luxury brands differs slightly in order to adequately represent the business’ products or services and speak to its target audience appropriately. Luxury brands typically maintain their sense of presence and prestige by writing in a less colloquial and more evocative way. Consistency is vital for luxury brands, in copywriting and beyond.

What Does A Copywriter Do?

A copywriter will produce wording for a brand to be used across a wide variety of applications, both on and offline. Taking different media into account is a vital part of any copywriter’s job, as reading behaviours vary. For instance readers might scroll through copy quickly on a website, or flick through pages of a leaflet, but the way that words jump out will differ with each.

What Are Copywriting Guidelines?

Your most important message should always be the most obvious. This should form the basis of any brand copywriting guidelines. In English-speaking countries this means that your most important message, or hook, should be the first thing that catches the reader’s eye as it scans the page from left-to-right. In countries where the native language is read from right-to-left, the opposite is true.

What Is SEO Copywriting?

The advent of search engine optimisation (SEO) brought about a whole new host of challenges and opportunities for skilled copywriters. Web and blog copy should now always be naturally keyword optimised (in headings, body copy, metadata and alt tags) to enhance organic visibility. However as SEO best practice changes as frequently as Google’s algorithm, it is vital to keep up to date.

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Written By: Rachael Bews

Written By: Rachael Bews

Rachael is a social media specialist and freelance contributor to The William Agency.


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