How To Write A Press Release

Rachael Bews

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With countless press releases sent everyday, there are various tricks you can try to help yours stand out from the crowd.

What Is A Press Release?

A press release is the standard format for releasing a newsworthy story into the journalistic world.

Writing A Press Release

The first and most important thing to consider when writing a press release is – will people be interested in your story? Is it new and exciting? What’s your angle? Flawless grammar follows closely in importance.

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Press Release Format

1. Headline

Your angle will help to determine one of the key components of all press releases – your headline. This attention-grabbing snippet can make or break a press release. It should tell just enough of the story to leave journalists wanting more.

2. Topline

This is the part of your press release that should swiftly answer the five Ws (who, what, where, when, why) of your story. Hard numbers always make for an easier sell and draw the eye much more easily – so try to include numerical stats.

3. Body

Here you bring your story to life, including any facts or quotations that might add weight or flair. Polish this part to make it easier to ‘plug-and-play’ your story, concluding with ‘ENDS’ to make it clear that your communication is complete.

4. Notes To Editors

By this point you hope journalists have all they need to want to tell your story. However they might look for exclusive interviews, site visits or images. This is where your notes to editors come in. Include contact details here and a link to any relevant images.

5. Boilerplate

The very last part of your press release – your boilerplate is a standard paragraph of text which gives journalists key background information on your business. Upload press releases to your website? Keyword optimise your boilerplate for organic visibility.

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How Long Should A Press Release Be?

Be concise. Any more than 300-400 words and you’re going to lose attention. One A4 page will suffice.

How To Send Press Release

  • Email your press release to your media list, with an attention-grabbing subject line that includes ‘Press Release.’
  • If your press release is embargoed until a specific date or is for immediate release, be sure to include this too.
  • Copy and paste your press release into the body of your email – do not send it as an attachment.
  • Send your email at a time when you are most likely to get to the top of a journalist’s inbox i.e. first thing in the morning.


Top Tip: A media list can be difficult to build, but developing good relationships with journalists is priceless.


Written By: Rachael Bews

Written By: Rachael Bews

Rachael is a social media specialist and freelance contributor to The William Agency.


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