Brand storytelling is a vital part of your content strategy, but the line between creative and corny is fine indeed.

It is here that you can quickly go from engaging your customers and prospects to deterring them from you and your brand. How do you know if your approach is the latter or the former? Follow our guided steps below.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin

1. Know Your Audience

International marketing can pave the way for branding faux-pas galore. A brand name can have an entirely different (sometimes offensive) meaning in another country. Whilst brands which use languages with poor native fluency or inappropriate tone can be equally detrimental. Remain relevant by constantly evolving your language, making use of new terms and ways of speaking.

2. Learn How They Talk

All good marketing strategies lie with a thorough and intimate knowledge of a brand’s target audience. Creating brand personas can help this process. Take this one step further by inhabiting the life of your target consumer. What social media platforms do they use, who do they follow and why, how do they communicate with their friends? Use this as the foundation for your brand storytelling.

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3. Create A Clear Tone Of Voice

Once you know how your target customer communicates, you can hone your brand’s tone of voice appropriately. Ensure you address your customers in the right way – would they expect a particularly formal approach, or a more familiar message? Do they use colloquialisms, or perfect business English? Are you going for a strait-laced or humorous tone of voice?

4. Set Your Marketing Strategy

The brand tone of voice you opt for can’t help but influence the channels you use to reach your target market. If your brand is a little unconventional, you might opt for quirky messaging delivered via guerilla marketing. If you want your brand to be aspirational, you might choose to convey exclusivity and use influencers to boost viral marketing. The key to avoid being corny is to focus on authenticity and to speak to your target audience like someone they trust.

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If you need support to develop your marketing strategy, brand storytelling, tone-of-voice or to improve the English-speaking fluency of your brand, then please get in touch.