How to Boost Your Content Marketing with Podcasts

Hanan Al-Haifi

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If you’re looking for something new to engage your audience, now’s the time to bolster your content marketing with podcasts.

Podcasts have become all the rave in recent years. You can find a podcast show that caters to any niche from dog lovers to entrepreneurs. We’ve said it before that diversifying your content is great for SEO and for engaging your audience. So adding new forms of content to your marketing mix is always a good idea.

Audio content specifically, however, is a little different. It is easy to consume while commuting or working. And when you listen to a show, it feels like you’re listening to someone talking directly to you. This intimate form of content allows the audience to build a stronger connection to the speaker compared to reading a blog post online. Your personality will also start to show as you create your episodes, which will add a new dimension to your business and brand.

If you’re still unsure if you should boost your content marketing with podcasts, here are some things that will convince you to take the leap:

Podcasts can make you an industry expert

The best way to position yourself and your brand as an expert is by sharing the information you know. Podcasting allows you to express your views and share your knowledge, which will assert your authority in your chosen field. You can create a show that gives advice about your area of expertise or interview people in the industry to get their perspective. Allowing your audience to learn more and delve deeper into specific topics through content marketing with podcasts will help position your brand as and industry expert. 

Podcasts can increase engagement

The more specific your subject matter is for your podcast show the better. Just like in blogging, talking about specific topics will engage a niche audience. If your niche content is good enough to engage your listeners, they will subscribe and wait for new episodes week after week. Suddenly your consumers won’t just be interested in your products and services, but they’ll be loyal to you and your brand.

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Podcasts can grow your audience

There is a massive opportunity when supplementing your content marketing with podcasts to reach new audiences. If you focus on creating good content for your podcast, you will expose your brand to a whole new industry online. Your new podcast will start appearing in search results and may even be mentioned on podcast blogs and social media accounts. As you become more visible online for your new content, you will most likely be discovered by new people that haven’t heard of your brand before.

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Podcasts provide an income stream

Similar to video, podcasting allows you to be more expressive in the content you want to share. However audio content is a lot cheaper to produce. The entry level equipment required is minimal and the editing software is mostly free. Unlike video you don’t need to worry about the visual setup, you can just focus on the content preparation and hit record.

Plus, content marketing with podcasts can also be lucrative once you’ve gathered a good following. Popular podcasts can make a significant amount of revenue through advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, memberships or donations.

If you’re unsure about where to start with your new podcasting journey, speak to our team. We can help you with strategy and content.

Written By: Hanan Al-Haifi

Written By: Hanan Al-Haifi

Hanan is a content marketing creator and a contributor to The William Agency.


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