As you become more consistent with publishing content, you might struggle to find content inspiration that continues to engage your audience.

Do you find yourself completely out of ideas when it is time to fill in your content calendar? Do you feel that your content is getting repetitive? This is when content creation can become a daunting task. However, there are things you can do to get over this creative block.

Firstly, when planning content you have to go back to your content pillars.  Narrow down your focus to the core themes you decided to prioritise when talking to your audience. Then search for inspiration around those themes.

Inspiration sources for good content really vary depending on who you are targeting and what industry you are in. But there are some places where you can almost always get a new idea or two from. This list provides some of our ‘go-to’ places for content inspiration:

1. Social Media

You’re on social media all day, whether that’s scrolling your friend’s pages or scheduling business content. But have you considered using social media to find content ideas? Almost all social media platforms now have a smart search-tool. So whether it’s Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, you can type a word or hashtags in the search box and a whole heap of content will appear.  This includes content from other businesses and content from day-to-day users.

2. Blog Aggregators

Online content can be a great source of inspiration, but finding good content online can take a long time. That’s why blog aggregators are amazing. They curate content from blogs, vblogs and online news outlets for you in one place. A few good aggregators are Feedly  and Mix.

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3. Media Outlets

Current events can help with your content inspiration too. Think about how big national news headlines can be distilled or made more relevant for your audience. Are there aspects of current events that your audience may be interested in finding out more about? Perhaps there are multiple, smaller stories that you can draw on to create a larger opinion piece? Although the fast pace of news may not be practical for your business’ content plan, perhaps weekly or monthly round-ups of relevant headlines and how they affect your audience could be useful to establish your business as a ‘thought leader’.

One of our favourite sources of inspiration is Medium, described as a “place to read and write big ideas and important stories”.

4. Google

Just Google it! You can Google the themes you want, and you will get endless results from images to articles that you can derive content inspiration from. You can also use the free Google Trends tool to see what users are searching for anywhere in the world.


Don’t forget to bookmark it

When you stumble upon inspiring pieces, you’ll want to save them. This is when bookmarking apps can be very useful. They allow you to save articles, images and parts of webpages that you would want to refer back to later. You can also group your saved content in different folders and add your own notes. Some of the most popular apps that we love are Evernote and Pocket.

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If you’re struggling to find content inspiration, our team can help you come up with creative and engaging pieces.