Project Description

Cardinal of London: Brand Storytelling and Social Media Marketing Services

The Client

Cardinal of London
Distinctive jewellery for the urban aesthete inspired by antique cultures, futuristic landscapes and the timeless allure of preciosity.


The Brief

To create a complete brand identity and brand storytelling package for this London-based designer jewellery brand, including a new brand strapline, mission statement, ‘about us’ copy and collection descriptions. To provide social media and content marketing plans for the business in-keeping with its time and staff resources.

Key Deliverables

  • To create a concise buyer persona to re-evaluate the brand’s target consumer.
  • To develop a complete brand package linking a futuristic and architectural aesthetic with traditional values of craftsmanship, while also referencing the handmade nature of collections.
  • To develop a concept for a new collection of ‘Rock rings’, including product descriptions for each individual design, a press release and co-ordinating content on the Cardinal blog.
  • To provide accessible content marketing and social media marketing documents to allow the Cardinal of London team to move forward using their own resources and in-house staff.
  • Other miscellaneous marketing support, including press releases.
  • Digital guidance and customer journey mapping to improve the shopping experience on the Cardinal of London website.

The Results

Cardinal of London proposed two main objectives. Firstly, it wanted to fuse both historic and futuristic inspirations into one cohesive brand identity. Secondly, it wanted to highlight that its collections are handmade by expert goldsmiths in London. To do this, The William Agency set about creating a completely new brand identity, incorporating a strapline, mission statement and a new ‘House of Cardinal’ story. This brand story – segmented into four distinct chapters – was also fed into a social media strategy for the brand. With this in place, The William Agency supported Cardinal of London with the launch of its Elemental collection, incorporating its successful range of Rock rings. This involved a distinct story, eloquently merged with the overall brand identity, alongside blog posts and press materials.

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