14 Content Types to Inspire Your Content Marketing Plan

Sarah Jordan

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If you’ve dedicated time and resources to a content marketing plan, you now need to ensure a steady flow of ideas. Coming up with fresh themes is difficult for small companies working in niche industries, but easy access to ‘content types’ can be an inspiration lifesaver.

What Are Content Types? How Can They Support My Content Marketing Strategy?

A ‘content type’ is an overarching theme or bottom line that immediately files a blog post, infographic, e-book or video into a specific folder. What makes these folders special is that they almost always resonate with digital audiences – one individual may not like all the folders, but at least one will grab their attention.

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14 Content Types to Inspire your Content Marketing Strategy:

  1. Content that reminds us time is precious, life is short and that we really can make our dreams a reality.
  2. Articles that helps us get to grips with the fundamentals or ‘the basics’ that we may have forgotten along the way.
  3. Storytelling content – whether one off or serialized – that offers a narrative arc and situations, characters or themes we can all relate to.
  4. Something that takes us on a journey from A to B or inspires us to take some action in our own lives.
  5. Content that makes us laugh and smile, but also content that makes us cry and feel sympathy.
  6. Posts that reveal a secret or hidden gem that very few others know.
  7. Copy that encourages us to stay positive, be optimistic and never give up. Similarly content that encourages us to stay true to a set of ideals or values, such as ‘be who you are’.

Top Tip: You don’t have to cram all of these content types into every piece of content you produce. Often following one type will lead to a stronger piece.


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  1. Content with unexpected twists or big surprises.
  2. Something that reminds us there is more to life, more to see, more to do and more to think about.
  3. Blogs or videos that confirm our assumptions.
  4. Content that challenges our opinions and fuels debate.
  5. Articles, infographics or videos that educate without being boring.
  6. Inspiring copy that reminds us that small doesn’t always mean powerless, also known as the ‘Erin Brockovich Effect’.
  7. Content that encourages us to see boring, everyday things in a new light or with a new sense of usefulness.

Top Tip: Combine these content types with your business’ content pillars to maximize your content marketing strategy.

Written By: Sarah Jordan

Written By: Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan is the founder and director of The William Agency. She specialises in brand storytelling and branded content marketing. Sarah is highly regarded in the UK and international diamond jewellery sector as a specialist in luxury copywriting.


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